What if you could learn by shadowing?


When you have to manage a project for the first time or play a role in a project, you may have doubts about your ability to succeed in this new mission.


One way to remove doubts and get ready is to learn about how to manage a project in the rules of art, isn't it?


Many books explain project management methodologies, tools, and techniques. Obviously, they help us to know the way to manage a project or how to play a given role in a project. The problem is that this knowledge remains theoretical! And in the real life, we can quickly get lost when we face the realities of the field. So, what is the solution?


The good news is that it is possible, even by reading, to live the course of a project as if you were in real life. You will be able to live the application of those methodologies, tools, and techniques as it is done in the field. This will give you a first project experience and reassure you to start your first project with confidence and increase your chance of success. Read one of the books listed below to know how.

  • "The Project Manager Adventures"
  • "Run A Risk Workshop: Learn By Shadowing"
  • "Run A Requirements Workshop: Learn By Shadowing"